Keep persons.
Remove identities.


Keep persons.
Remove identities.

What we do

Face editing

Edit facial characteristics like emotions, ethnicity and age with a few simple clicks.

Identity generation

Generate unique, non-existing identities with the latest artificial intelligence technology.

Face replacement

Replace the identities in your pictures with generated ones to change appearance and protect privacy.

Target markets

Use cases


Customize your models and enhance diversity

For: digital marketing advertising campaigns

Face makeover

Edit facials details on the go

For: retouchers editing experts

Model-free photos

Generate faces from scratch

For: designers artists


Protect privacy in images

For: enterprises events schools shopping malls gyms

virtual identity

Create your virtual identity

For: social media metaverse gaming

Our Value to You

Protect privacy

We deeply care about individuals' privacy and provide you a simple tool that you can use to protect the privacy of others as well.


Raise awareness

We want to raise awareness among individuals and companies about the millions of privacy sensitive image which are data published every day.

Make AI-tools accessible

We want to make the latest research standards in AI-based image processing accessible to everyone in a secure way.